[Bug 5178] interop criteria when SML compliant documents using different schema versions are exchanged


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Section 2 modified to add a 'Note:' regarding usage of newer versions( this
content may move to a non-normative section as part of the work for separating
spec into normative and non-normative sections; at this time the best place for
this content seems to be here )

3. Dependencies on Other Specifications

Other specifications on which this one depends are listed in

Conforming implementations of this specification MUST support SML 1.1 [SML
1.1], XML 1.0 [XML] and XML Schema 1.0 [XML Schema Structures, XML Schema
Datatypes]. Conforming implementations MAY additionally support later versions
of the XML or XML Schema specifications.

>>>Note: Although SML 1.1 and SML-IF allow conforming implementations to support newer versions of dependent specifications, there are interoperability implications to be considered when documents based on those versions are interchanged using SML-IF. When an SML-IF document interchanges data built using newer versions of the SML and SML-IF dependent specifications, consumers of the SML-IF document not supporting these versions may not be able to interpret some of the data exchanged by this document. 

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