[Bug 5106] sml 4.2.2 epr scheme


------- Comment #7 from kirk.wilson@ca.com  2007-11-12 20:03 -------
The normative statements in comment #5 seem to be inconsistent with the
proposal made in 5119, which is proposed for SML-IF:

(5) to the paragraph starting "In contrast, the wsa:address..." append
"A sufficiently constraining reference scheme definition, e.g. one that
determined the protocol binding used to interact with the endpoint, MAY assert
that instances of the reference scheme are inter-document references."

The case where it is possible for an EPR to be inter-document reference occurs
when the protocol binding is sufficient constrained by the reference scheme
defintion.  I don't believe we discussed how that is to be done, so I suspect
it is difficult at this point to say anything about the normative status of the
EPR reference being an inter-document reference.

Received on Monday, 12 November 2007 20:03:18 UTC