[Bug 5181] xml:base intended to replace smlif:baseURI only


------- Comment #1 from sandygao@ca.ibm.com  2007-11-05 20:27 -------
Had extensive discussion around this issue during 2007-10-16 F2F meeting, under
bug 5171.

Considering that
- Relative URIs in different model documents may want different base URIs
- Supporting xml:base and [base URI] infoset property is not mandatory for all
URI usages.
- We want to minimize cases where we have to modify packaged documents.

I propose:
- Abandon xml:base and [base URI]
- Add a <primaryAlias> to each document/docInfo/aliases. It acts as an alias,
and it also provides the base URI for resolving relative URIs appearing in that
- Either we require <primaryAlias>, or we say "base URI" is impl-dependent if
<primaryAlias> is not specified. (Or there could be an IF-wide default base,
similar to what we had before for baseURI, but not sure how useful it is.)

Received on Monday, 5 November 2007 20:28:10 UTC