[Bug 4687] Handling of DTDs when composing an IF document


------- Comment #9 from kumarp@microsoft.com  2007-11-29 00:01 -------
I agree with comment #7.

Here is some clarificatin on comment# 8:
The current proposal does not preclude DTD normalization. SML-IF does not
define document life-cycle. That is, it does not define or restrict any
transformations that can be applied to documents during their lifetime. It only
defines what must be done just before embedding the document in an IF document.

In this case, if one wants to preserve DTD in a document, one must convert the
document to base64. However, if a producer normalizes or simply discards DTD
then the resulting document does not have a DTD just before adding to SML-IF.
In that case, the producer does not need to convert to base64.

To summarize, the proposal does not preclude normalization. As long as everyone
agrees on the concepts, the editors can phrase them correctly to articulate the

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