[Bug 5181] xml:base intended to replace smlif:baseURI only


------- Comment #4 from kumarp@microsoft.com  2007-11-29 04:10 -------
1. Define SML-IF document-wide baseURI. It must be an absolute URI. Its use is
optional. It is semantically equivalent to the baseURI defined in the member
submission specification.
2. Each document can define an optional primary alias among the set of aliases
for that document. This can be a relative or an absolute URI. It serves 2
   a. It acts as any other document alias.
   b. It participates in resolution of relative URIs as defined below.
3. Resolving relative URIs:
   a. If both baseURI and primaryAlias are missing ==> SML-IF file is invalid.
   b. If baseURI is missing, combine primaryAlias with relative URI to get
absolute URI. primaryAlias must be absolute in this case.
   c. If primaryAlias is missing, combine baseURI with relative URI to get
absolute URI.
   d. If both baseURI and primaryAlias are present, combine baseURI with
primaryAlias and relative URI to get absolute URI
4. Remove the requirement in the SML-IF spec that document alias must be
absolute URI.

1. If no primaryAlias is present in an SML-IF file, its behavior is similar to
what was defined in the member submission.
2. primaryAlias can be used to support scenarios where a relative URI must be
resolved relative to the location of the containing document. This addresses
the scenarios described in comment #2.

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