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The exmple under section 4.1 was moved under Appendices : 
D. SML References Sample (Non-Normative)

Not covered :
Excerpt 1: the move to non-normative section

Reason for not moving under non-normative:
1. This is already moved under Terminology : An SML reference is a link from
one element in an SML model to another element
from the same model. 
2. This is already moved under section 4, SML References bullet:
XML documents introduce boundaries across content that needs to be treated as a
3. I moved under 4.2 Reference scheme this part:
An SML reference MAY be represented by using a variety of schemes >>, including
those defined in this specification.

4. What is left out of 4.1 seems to be well aligned with this normative section

4.1 References

Support for SML references in an SML model includes:

   1.  Multiple reference schemes for representing references.
   2. An extensibility mechanism allowing new reference schemes to be defined,
conceptually similar to the relationship between URIs and URI schemes.
   3. Constraints on the type of a referenced element.
   4. The ability to define key, unique, and key reference constraints across
SML references.

References MUST be supported by model validators that conform to this

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