[Bug 5040] Hanlding of reference constraints on different kinds of elements


------- Comment #10 from sandygao@ca.ibm.com  2007-11-09 14:47 -------
The intent sounds good. We do need to separate those 2 cases. I would take a
different approach in terms of achieving it.

Instead of [1] in comment #9, I would add a more general statement to a place
like "7. Conformance Criteria", along the following lines:

"During the process of SML model validation, all model (definition and
instance) documents are always reachable/available. If any model document is
not reachable, then how processors behave is outside the scope of this
specification and is not performing SML-validity assessment as defined here."

This means almost the same requirement for processors as [1] in comment #9: the
operation will not provide a valid or invalid answer. But this aligns better
with other exceptional cases. For example, if the processor runs out of memory,
it's not reasonable to expect it to answer "unknown". "No answer" is a better

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