[Bug 5070] Requirement for validator to implement deref()


------- Comment #8 from pratul.dublish@microsoft.com  2007-11-03 20:27 -------
Responding to Comment #6, the deref() XPath extensions function is NOT a
standard XPath 1.0 function (i.e. it is not defined in the XPath 1.0 spec).
Each SML validator needs to implement the deref() function so that it can
evaluate the SML identity constraints and Schematron asserts/reports, all of
which can use the deref() function. 

There is no requirement that the validator must provide/expose its deref()
implementation to XPath engines, but I suspect that most validators will find
it convenient to use existing XPath 1.0 engines by providing the deref()
function to XPath 1.0 engines. So is the following text acceptable?

The validator MUST implement the deref() XPath extension

Received on Saturday, 3 November 2007 20:27:54 UTC