[w3c sml][agenda] 2007-11-08 SML

Paul ->Jim -> Ginny  - will be scribing this week.

Chair: when sending out an agenda, use following format

  [w3c sml][agenda] yyyy-mm-dd SML          in subject of email ([agenda]

agreed to, rest chair's convention)

Chair: when sending out an updated agenda, use following format, "n" =

update number, 1st update == 2, etc.

  [w3c sml][agenda][ver n] yyyy-mm-dd SML   in subject of email ([agenda]

[ver n] agreed to, rest chair's convention)

Scribe: read entire agenda, I restructured it so your "to do"s around the

scribe list are time-sequenced

  i.e. less to remember

The phone number to use for the SML WG teleconference is documented on the

WG's administrative home page:


Participants are invited to join IRC channel, as documented on the WG's

administrative home page:


Teleconference Time and Length (two hours)

Pacific   11 AM -  1 PM

Mountain  12 PM -  2 PM

Central    1 PM -  3 PM

Eastern    2 PM -  4 PM

UK         7 PM -  9 PM

Paris      8 PM - 10 PM

Proposed Agenda:

1. Roll call (present/regrets/absent)

2. Selection of Scribe based on list below

   New scribes see:

   - Scribe Quick Start Guide


   - Scribe FAQ


Last Scribe Date  Member Name               Regrets pending

2007-08-30        Wilson, Kirk

2007-08-30        Lipton, Paul

2007-09-20        Lynn, James

2007-10-04        Smith, Virginia

2007-10-16        Valentina Popescu

2007-10-15        Waschke, Marvin

2007-10-17        Eckert, Zulah

2007-10-17        Kumar, Pandit

2007-10-24        Boucher, Jordan

2007-11-01        Gao, Sandy

2007-06-12        Tabbara, Bassam

Exempt            Arwe, John

Exempt            Dublish, Pratul

Exempt            MSM

Exempt            PH

3. Approval of minutes from previous meeting(s):

   -  10/15


-    11/1


4. Monday teleconference: As agreed by the WG, we will have a 1 hour teleconference every Monday at 4 PM EST/1 PM PST.

The first teleconference will be held on 11/12/2007

5. Review open action items


6. Review and attempt to reach consensus on non-editorial

"hasProposal" bugs


Hanlding of reference constraints on different kinds of e...


Content of "dataType" in the IF schema


Inheritance of some SML reference constraints


Requirement for validator to implement deref()


consolidate defs of uri and epr schemes in sml spec


smlif 3.4.2 Definition of inter-document references


Confusing and contradicting sections on resolving inter-d...


xml:base intended to replace smlif:baseURI only


Documents without aliases cannot be referenced?

7. Review the following needsAgreement bugs


What should SML say about fragment identifiers?


What should we do with EPR scheme?


Conformance section needed


Allow assertions on local elements and types


clarify SMLIF section 2 signature requirements


SMLIF section 3.3.6 some fragment URI cases not covered


add keyword substitution in smlerr localized messages?


conflicts between schema and text - declare which wins


Remove requirement that anyURI and its derivations be tre...


Clarify that acyclicity is determined polymorphically


Object identity needs to be clarified


Portable interpretation of "locator"

n-3. Scribe: update scribe list below in this meeting's minutes, for use

in the next meeting's agenda:

   Update the list below and sort it (LRU), leaving people who will be out

for an extended period near the bottom

   to keep the names of draftees for the current meeting near the top, so

when the next agenda goes out people

   will know if their name is at or near the top of the list to scribe


Last Scribe Date  Member Name               Regrets pending

200y-mm-dd        Vijay Tewari

2007-08-30        Wilson, Kirk

2007-08-30        Lipton, Paul

2007-09-06        Boucher, Jordan

2007-09-20        Lynn, James

2007-09-27        Gao, Sandy

2007-10-04        Smith, Virginia

200-10-16        Valentina Popescu

2007-10-15        Waschke, Marvin

2007-10-17        Eckert, Zulah

2007-10-17        Kumar, Pandit

2007-06-12        Tabbara, Bassam           Until 10/30/07

Exempt            Arwe, John

Exempt            Dublish, Pratul

Exempt            MSM

Exempt            PH

n-2. Scribe: follow the steps in the Scribe Quick Start Guide through

"Generate minutes"


   DO NOT use tools that significantly change the source html, like Word,

to do your editing.

   Those tools make compare tools to sanity check the scribe's edits

unusable even though it

   renders fine visually (even here, some like Word remove W3C style

sheets so it renders

   with subtle differences).

n-1. Scribe: (optional)

   Send the original and updated minutes to the meeting chair as an

edtorial check before

   sending to the full list.  Assume the chair will use a compare tool.

n. Scribe: send the minutes to the public mailing list

   After the meeting, follow the conventions we have agreed on within the

wg to help

  people search the email archives more effectively, namely:

    [w3c sml][minutes] yyyy-mm-dd SML     in subject of email ([minutes]

agreed to, rest chair's convention)

  As with agendas, if minutes are updated include a [ver n] "tag" as well.


n+1. Chair

     After meeting, update good standing list



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