[Bug 4772] add keyword substitution in smlerr localized messages?


------- Comment #3 from kumarp@microsoft.com  2007-11-28 05:09 -------
I agree with the proposal mentioned in comment #2. The proposal is summarized
below for quick reference.

1. Change the namespace name to a more general name (for example,
sml:localizationId) to position it as a localization mechanism for items other
than error messages. 
2. Change the type of this attribute from anyURI to qname.
The namespace part of the qname, a URI, will be used to point to a localized
resource. The local part of the qname will identify a specific string within
the resource. 
3. How an implementation locates a localized resource using the URI is
implementation dependent.
4. It is implementation dependant how variable substitution can be achieved in
translated strings. SML will propose as best practices ( non-normative ) the
use of xsl:variable for variable substitution support in schematron messages

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