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1.5 RDF and Change Over Time

[ALL] agenda 28 Nov telecon

[All] Agenda for 21 Nov

[ALL] agenda telecon 7 Nov

[ALL] Minutes of November 7 2012

[Concepts] Editorial changes to Blank Nodes (ISSUE-107)

[Concepts] Proposing some informative Notes for deletion

[Moderator Action] Sloppy inference rules

A different take on b-scopes (ISSUE-107)

Added a Note on XML Schema and OWL2 custom datatypes to Concepts; close ISSUE-96?

Agenda: JSON-LD Telecon - Tuesday, November 13th 2012

Agenda: JSON-LD Telecon - Tuesday, November 20th 2012

Agenda: JSON-LD Telecon - Tuesday, November 27th 2012

Agenda: JSON-LD Telecon - Tuesday, November 6th 2012


Disimproved definition of literals in Concepts; close ISSUE-94?

Factoring of entailment regimes

Factoring of entailment regimes (was: Re: Ill-typed vs. inconsistent?)

Fwd: Turtle tests : Case-sensitivity of base and prefix directives

Ill-typed vs. inconsistent?

Intent to close ISSUE-166

Intent to close issues 125 and 192

ISSUE-84: proposed solution

ISSUE-85: Update RDF Semantics to distinguish between the identity of values and the (numeric) equality of values to be in line with XSD 1.1

ISSUE-97: propose to close the issue by doing nothing

JSON-LD Telecon Minutes for 2012-11-06

JSON-LD Telecon Minutes for 2012-11-13

JSON-LD Telecon Minutes for 2012-11-20


Minutes for 28 November

Moving rdf:Seq and friends to RDF/XML (was: Re: Minutes of RDF-WG F2F, Day 2)

New abstract for RDF Concepts

No Telecon Wednesday due to ISWC

OWL2/RIF's rdf:PlainLiteral proposed edited rec

Possible test case for turtle?

Proposal to resolve ISSUE-102 (well-formed lists)

RDF Concepts draft ready; overview of open issues

RDF-ISSUE-103 (dereferenceable-iris): Make dereferenceable IRIs a SHOULD in RDF Concepts [RDF Concepts]

RDF-ISSUE-104 (concept-notes): Too many informative Notes in RDF Concepts [RDF Concepts]

RDF-ISSUE-105 (datasets-webarch): Graphs, datasets, authoritative representations, and content negotiation [RDF Concepts]

RDF-ISSUE-106 (concepts-and-semantics): Relationship between RDF Concepts and RDF Semantics [RDF Concepts]

RDF-ISSUE-107 (blank-node-definition): Definition of blank nodes (editorial-ish) [RDF Concepts]

RDF-ISSUE-108 (xsd-valuespaces): Semantics should reference "XML Schema Datatypes in RDF and OWL" [RDF Semantics]

RDF-ISSUE-109 (ill-typed-so-what): What's the consequence of a literal being ill-typed? [RDF Concepts]

RDF-ISSUE-110 (g-box): A proper term for the concept formerly known as ?g-box?? [RDF Concepts]

RDF-ISSUE-110 (g-box): A proper term for the concept formerly known as ??g-box??? [RDF Concepts]

RDF-ISSUE-110 (g-box): A proper term for the concept formerly known as “g-box”? [RDF Concepts]

RDF-ISSUE-111 (dataset-operations): Should RDF Concepts define any operations on RDF datasets? [RDF Concepts]

rdf11-concepts WD ready

regrets for the telecon

Review of JSON-LD API by WebIDL/JavaScript API expert

review of RDF Concepts

Review of rdf11-concepts ED

Rollup EARL report for Turtle

Sloppy inference rules

Some informative edits in the Concepts ED

TriG and default graphs

Turtle - Collections Example sanity check

Turtle Bad IRI syntax tests

Turtle syn-prefix-06.ttl problem

Turtle test suite -- actions completed

Use instead of describedby link relation

Where is the Turtle editor's draft?

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