Re: Proposal to resolve ISSUE-102 (well-formed lists)

On Nov 9, 2012, at 2:48 AM, Richard Cyganiak wrote:

> ISSUE-102: Shall we highlight Turtle's list structures as "Well-Formed Lists" in one of our Recs?
> PROPOSAL: Define the concept “well-formed list” in detail in RDF Schema, including a nice diagram.


> State that any use of terms from the collections vocabulary SHOULD be part of a well-formed list.

-1.  This is too strong. Subgraphs of a WFL graph need not be WFL, for example. For some purposes, all one needs to know is that some item is in the list somewhere: we should not make it illegal to have graphs saying just this.

> Update Semantics to remove discussion of collections in 3.3.3.

If this just means moving this stuff from Semantics to Concepts, then +1.


> Update Turtle and RDF/XML to refer to well-formed lists when introducing the respective syntax shorthands. Send an email to OWL WG comments list informing them of this and suggest that future versions of OWL do the same.

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