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UFDTF Meeting this monday 2008-06-02 (off-week) Alan Ruttenberg (Friday, 30 May)

Re: Question about the topProperty Rinke Hoekstra (Friday, 30 May)

ISSUE-129 (rdf:list vocabulary): Desirable to have rdf:list vocabulary available for use in modeling in OWL 2 OWL Working Group Issue Tracker (Friday, 30 May)

[UFDTF] update of UFDTF wiki space and creation of Reqs doc work area Evan Wallace (Thursday, 29 May)

DL-Syntax document: editorial bug Michael Schneider (Thursday, 29 May)

Question about problems with top/bottom property Michael Schneider (Thursday, 29 May)

"Should" sanity check Boris Motik (Wednesday, 28 May)

Re: F2F3 survey -- per person or per organization? Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 28 May)

regrets and a few comments on versioning/imports Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 28 May)

bye for now Jeremy Carroll (Wednesday, 28 May)

functional style syntax Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 28 May)

RDF Reification for annotations and negative property assertions Michael Schneider (Wednesday, 28 May)

Issue-111 another angle and questions Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 28 May)

ISSUE-128 (MAY/SHOULD/MUST): Normative documents should pass a MAY/SHOULD/MUST sanity check OWL Working Group Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 28 May)

issue-21 / importing multiple versions of the same ontology Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 28 May)

Requirement for ontology header Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 28 May)

reverse mapping for xsd:integer vs xsd:nonNegativeInteger Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 28 May)

reification/annotations Alan Ruttenberg (Wednesday, 28 May)

rdf:list vocabulary Alan Ruttenberg (Tuesday, 27 May)

Agenda for teleconference 2008-05-28 Alan Ruttenberg (Tuesday, 27 May)

ACTION-150 Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Tuesday, 27 May)

Minutes 21/05/2008 Jeff Z. Pan (Tuesday, 27 May)

No UFDTF Meeting monday due to holidays in US and UK Alan Ruttenberg (Sunday, 25 May)

ISSUE-127 (narynotyet): documents contain bits of nary datatype but these are not yet in OWL 2 [editorial] OWL Working Group Issue Tracker (Saturday, 24 May)

RE: intendedProfile (proposal for ISSUE-111) Boris Motik (Wednesday, 21 May)

Table/spec accessibility Bijan Parsia (Wednesday, 21 May)

Easy Keys text Bijan Parsia (Wednesday, 21 May)

ISSUE-126 (Revisit Datatypes): The list of normative datatypes should be revisited OWL Working Group Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 21 May)

I18N issues an OWL2 Jeremy Carroll (Wednesday, 21 May)

Re: owl:intendedProfile (proposal for ISSUE-111) Bijan Parsia (Wednesday, 21 May)

[ACTION-147] Delay in review of RDF mapping document Michael Schneider (Tuesday, 20 May)

Agenda for teleconf 21st May 2008 Ian Horrocks (Tuesday, 20 May)

CfP OWLED 2008 Uli Sattler (Tuesday, 20 May)

Re: [FULL] ISSUE-119: the other approach Ian Horrocks (Monday, 19 May)

Ontology locations: OntologyURI vs. xml:base and namespaces (ISSUE-21) Rinke Hoekstra (Monday, 19 May)

ISSUE-125 (min1some): Min 1 QCR = someValuesFrom - Serialize as someValuesFrom? OWL Working Group Issue Tracker (Sunday, 18 May)

rif:text / owl:internationalizedString Sandro Hawke (Friday, 16 May)

Re: [p4-feedback] [Pellet-users] Protege4 & Pellet compatibility Rinke Hoekstra (Friday, 16 May)

ACTION-146: HP and n-ary datatypes Jeremy Carroll (Thursday, 15 May)

I have just implemented the proposed resolution of the imports (related to ISSUE-21) Boris Motik (Thursday, 15 May)

rif-rdf-owl: OWL WG review Jeremy Carroll (Thursday, 15 May)

RIF comments Jeremy Carroll (Tuesday, 13 May)

[Full] another minor issue with OWL Full/ rdfs:Datatype vs owl:DataRange Jeremy Carroll (Monday, 12 May)

UFDTF TC Monday 2008-05-12 10AM EST Alan Ruttenberg (Friday, 9 May)

OWL/XML and GRDDL Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 9 May)

Fwd: Last call announcement: CURIEs Alan Ruttenberg (Thursday, 8 May)

Grddl et al Uli Sattler (Thursday, 8 May)

Minutes of yesterday's TC Rinke Hoekstra (Thursday, 8 May)

DL-Lite Profile - new tracking implementation Michael Smith (Wednesday, 7 May)

Want GRDDL intro for WG-dummies :) Michael Schneider (Wednesday, 7 May)

test cases on wiki Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 7 May)

IRC log from 2008-04-30 telecon inaccessible Michael Smith (Wednesday, 7 May)

Multiple ontologies in a single file: RDF vs. the rest Rinke Hoekstra (Wednesday, 7 May)

Wiki gone haywire? Rinke Hoekstra (Wednesday, 7 May)

ACTION-129 and ACTION-132 Bijan Parsia (Wednesday, 7 May)

RE: Minor bug in Michael Schneider (Wednesday, 7 May)

review of RIF-RDF-OWL Jeremy Carroll (Tuesday, 6 May)

RE: [Imports Task Force] revised imports spec Boris Motik (Tuesday, 6 May)

Agenda for TC 2008-05-07 Alan Ruttenberg (Tuesday, 6 May)

Understanding n-ary data predicates Michael Schneider (Tuesday, 6 May)

syntax for "langed" literals Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Tuesday, 6 May)

[Full] another minor bug in OWL1 Full Jeremy Carroll (Tuesday, 6 May)

proposal to close issue-4 Alan Ruttenberg (Tuesday, 6 May)

ISSUE-124 (datarange complement): The complement of a datarange is defined relative to the whole data domain OWL Working Group Issue Tracker (Sunday, 4 May)

ISSUE-123 (QCR in OWL-R-Full): Should we add QCR-s into the rule set of OWL-R-Full OWL Working Group Issue Tracker (Saturday, 3 May)

Re: ISSUE-108: Names for Profiles Ivan Herman (Thursday, 1 May)

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