Re: rdf:list vocabulary

On May 28, 2008, at 12:51 PM, Michael Schneider wrote:
> These syntax related uses of lists can IMO be clearly distinguished  
> from
> custom usage. In particular, the currently applied method of a  
> "canonical
> parsing process" in the reverse RDF mapping can first translate graphs
> matching these forms into the respective functional syntax  
> expressions, and
> then delete them from the source graph.Afterwards, all remaining  
> uses f
> list vocabulary are regarded as custom use.

This sort of punning has been done in Pellet for years. I believe  
I've proposed it a couple of times already :)
> I, personally, would appreciate to be able to model things like  
> this... not
> only in OWL Full. :-)

Using rdf:list for modeling is, IMHO, always a mistake of some sort  
(after all, they are *not* lists in the standard sense since you  
don't have, e.g., transitive closure). Your example is a good example  
of what not to do (IMHO).

However, this is pretty common. Better to discourage it by whinging  
than by fiat.


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