Re: rif:text / owl:internationalizedString

> It'd be great if you could make a first stab, or even remember who to
> ask.  My recollection of conversations at the time with a WG member
> (probably DanC or Eric Miller) was that they felt constrained by some
> notion that XML Schema datatypes had to be, in some crucial way,
> language independent.  If that was really the constraint, I'm willing to
> try again and see if the current XML Schema WG can convinces us the
> constraint makes sense. 

I had some e-mail exchange with the XML schema working group earlier on, 
and their biggest problem with the datatype was that it is not really 
primitive, so in XML schema one would create a complex datatype [1].
This was the reason that we specified the datatype in the RIF namespace.

Best, Jos

(we decided on option a in my e-mail)

>      -- Sandro
> [4]


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