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Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
> Note: The divergence from the pattern matching in XML Schema datatypes
> is intentional, as RDF language tags are normalized into lower case, so
> pattern matching against any lexical form ends up being much more
> difficult.
> Question:  Should langPattern be turned into lower case as well?   It
> would be nice to have langPattern "en-US" match against a particular
> dialect of English.  Language tags in RFC3066 are supposed to be case
> insensitive, so it would be possible to specify a case insensitive
> pattern match, and then suggest that this could be done just by
> normalizing everything to lower case.  
> Aside: Is there a new version of RFC3066 out?  I seem to remember
> something along these lines.

The latest version seems to be RDFC4646, superseding  RFC3066:

The case insensitivity is still in effect.

B.t.w., Richard Ishida's overview on the language tags is nice:

for those who have not seen the possible complexity of that stuff...


> Note: Matching against the string part of an owl:internationalizedString
> is in keeping with XML Schema datatypes, as the XML lexical form of an
> owl:internationalizedString is the string part (i.e., not including the
> language tag).
> Peter F. Patel-Schneider
> Bell Labs Research
> PS:  This appears to satisfy Bijan's ACTION-142.


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