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"Hosting POSTed resources" user-story

(un)blessed container use cases and implementation expectations

[WAC] regexps in WebAccessControl

Access Control Meetings

Access Control teleconf

ACTION-28: Access Control Wiki

Agenda LDP telecon 19 November 2012

Approach to spec changes for resolution of ISSUE-25 Weak aggregation and strong composition in containers

AtomPub-like Slug: header (was: Re: ldp-ISSUE-31 (conformance))

Can ISSUE-7 be closed?

Canonical URLs

Changes to the LDP Mailing lists

Comments on LDPR PUT

Comments/feedback on UCR draft - motivation/scope and about document

Creation of Containers

Deployment Guide

Documenting an an explicit URI to be used for representing POSTed new LDPC members

Edits done for: ISSUE-22, ISSUE-23: changed sections 4.2.3 and 5.4.7. Removed closed issues.

Edits done: ISSUE-24: Should DELETED resources remain deleted?

Edits done: ISSUE-6: Should LDBP say that any kind of user-defined simple data type is disallowed?

Feedback on section 4...

forms for guiding interactions

forms, direction, query, etc …

forms, direction, query, etc Š

Gathering Testing and Validation proposals

How to request for the number of members of a container ?

ISSUE-27: Should the PATCH method be used, as oppose t POST with a given mime type? What systems can support PATCH easily? (tabulator uses POST but could change of course)

ISSUE-37: how to proceed

LDP Agenda for 26 November 2012

LDP Agenda for 3 December 2012

LDP Agenda for Telecon 12 November 2012

LDP model and AtomPub model; an attempt

LDP model and AtomPub model; more remarks

LDP service discovery.

LDP WG Informal meeting on 5 November 2012

LDP with Access Control, or future LDPS(ecure)?

ldp-ISSUE-24 (remain deleted): Should DELETED resources remain deleted? [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-28 (bertails): transaction/rollback when deleting resources from a LDPC [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-29 (Relative URIs): Relative URIs are crucial [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-30 (bugtrack): Hierarchical bugtracking service [Use Cases and Requirements]

ldp-ISSUE-31 (conformance): Proper Conformance section for LDP spec [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-32 (discovery): How can clients discover that a resource is an LDPR or LDPC, and what features are supported? [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-33 (pagination): how to structure functionality

ldp-ISSUE-33 (pagination): Pagination for non-container resources [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-34 (aggregation): Adding and removing arcs in weak aggregation [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-35 (fresh-URI): POSTing to a container MUST yield a fresh URI [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-36 (container creation): Can and how do applications create new containers? [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-37 (LDP model): What is the LDP data model and the LDP interaction model? [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-38 (filtering, inlining): filtered representations and inlining [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-39 (201/202): HTTP status codes used for creation [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-40 (image): creating/deleting/changing non RDF resources [Use Cases and Requirements]

ldp-ISSUE-41 (Member Attachments): Standard way to manage members with attachments

LDP: Minutes of 26 November 2012

Limited datatypes

Minutes of 1 November 2012 LDP F2F

Minutes of 19 November 2012 LDP telecon

Minutes of 2 November 2012 LDP F2F

Minutes of November 11, 2012

Minutes of November 12, 2012

post to apps-discuss

Proposed timeline for UCR FPWD

Public communication about LDP at conferences, etc.

RDF-ISSUE-110 (g-box): A proper term for the concept formerly known as ?g-box?? [RDF Concepts]

retrieving 'filtered' representations, and inlining

Returning HTTP codes with HTML descriptions.

Test Cases and IR

TPAC-irc-log RDF/XML error

User Stories

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