Can ISSUE-7 be closed?


  ISSUE-7: What operations are permitted on containers and how do they get invoked

I believe that this can be closed because the concern it addresses is partially answered by the following resolution:

  Make the containers in the spec be about Strong Composition, then accept
  proposals for how to do weak aggregation. And separate proposals for
  paging, etc.

And I believe that any remaining unresolved concerns fit under the following new issues:

  ISSUE-33: Pagination for non-container resources

  ISSUE-34: Adding and removing arcs in weak aggregation


  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-7; related concerns will be addressed under ISSUE-33 and ISSUE-34.

If there are other remaining concerns related to ISSUE-7 that are not covered by 33 and 34 or other existing issues, then it would be good to get them captured more explicitly.


Received on Tuesday, 6 November 2012 09:10:09 UTC