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[css3] Suggestion: Selector variables or “synonyms”

[css3] “Selectors that People Actually Use”

[cssom-view] New WD "CSSOM View Module"

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Collapsing elements

Collapsing elements (was: [CSS3] Proposal to add list-style-type: tree-line value)

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CSS instead of Namespace

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Definition of 'width' on columns

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Initial Containing Block?

lang: and BCP47 (was: Re: [CSSWG] Resolutions 2008-02-26)

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Overflow and Margins

proposed change for scrollbars in size calculations

Resolutions 2008-01-29, 2008-02-05

Seamless transclusion of complex replaced elements

Section 10.3.8 really needs to be fixed

Tests (was: Re: [cssom-view] New WD "CSSOM View Module")

version control

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