Re: [css3-box] comments on 'float-displace' and 'indent-edge-reset'

On Sunday 2008-02-10 19:12 -0800, L. David Baron wrote:
> Some comments follow on the 'float-displace' and 'indent-edge-reset'
> properties in

> Having to specify the indent-edge-reset property all the time seems
> like a usability flaw with this pair of properties.  Is there an
> 'auto' value for indent-edge-reset that could provide a more useful
> default?  For example, something that acts like border-box for any
> element with a nonzero computed border-width or a non-transparent
> computed background-color?

Actually, if 'float-displace' becomes non-inherited (as I propose),
indent-edge-reset becomes unnecessary.  The indent edge for a line
could simply be derived from the the margin-edge of the outermost
element with 'float-displace: line' causing that line to be


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