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Announcement: The "info" URI Scheme Hammond, Tony (ELSLON) (Tuesday, 30 September)

in the uri crisis again ? (identifying persons, objects, ...) Leo Sauermann (Monday, 29 September)

Program/Agenda Workshop on Practical and Scalable Semantic Systems (PSSS 2003) Raphael Volz (Monday, 29 September)

Correct Owl representation Monika Solanki (Friday, 26 September)

Announcement: Sesame 0.96 released Arjohn Kampman (Wednesday, 24 September)

[ANN] sw-announce mailing list Ian Davis (Wednesday, 24 September)

Pient: Extending N-Triples, Subsetting N3 Sean B. Palmer (Tuesday, 23 September)

Proceedings of Semantic Technologies for eGov - White House Conference Center, September 8th rhodgson (Monday, 22 September)

Need hint for parsing Open Directory RDF Jan Algermissen (Sunday, 21 September)

Re: [dm-discuss] EAV Model and RDF Adrian Walker (Thursday, 18 September)

[ANN] OWL Test Results Page & Web Form Sandro Hawke (Thursday, 18 September)

[ACM technews]: "Semantic Web: Out of the Theory Realm" Graham Klyne (Thursday, 18 September)

ANN: Joseki 2.0.0 Seaborne, Andy (Thursday, 18 September)

"Email Updates Six Degrees Theory" Graham Klyne (Thursday, 18 September)

Please Review: RDFCore WG new specs (2003-11-05), esp. w.r.t. I18N and XMLLiteral Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 17 September)

RE: Enumeration in RDF Sbodio, Marco Luca (Wednesday, 17 September)

Partnering Enquiry from CifroSoft LLC (Russia) Vitaly Demin (Tuesday, 16 September)

RE: [udef.builders] AW: Open Letter to Web Services, Semantics, Semantic Web an John Hardin (Monday, 15 September)

RE: [udef.builders] Open Letter to Web Services, Semantics, Sema ntic Web and O John Hardin (Monday, 15 September)

[udef.builders] Fwd: Interested in proofs/pilots John Hardin (Monday, 15 September)

[udef.builders] Fwd: Re: [seweb-list] Open Letter to Web Services, Semantics, John Hardin (Monday, 15 September)

RE: [udef.builders] Open Letter to Web Services, Semantics, Semantic Web and On John Hardin (Monday, 15 September)

Enumeration in RDF? Art.Barstow@nokia.com (Monday, 15 September)

Europe and US hotel offers Morris Adams (Monday, 15 September)

relationship of rdfs:Literal to rdfs:Resource Garret Wilson (Sunday, 14 September)

Open Letter to Web Services, Semantics, Semantic Web and Ontology Communities john hardin (Saturday, 13 September)

Hidden triples and self-description Mark Baker (Saturday, 13 September)

ANNOUNCE: RDF Gateway 1.0.3 released Geoff Chappell (Friday, 12 September)

Guided exploration on RDF and OWL test cases Arjohn Kampman (Thursday, 11 September)

A quick intro to the RDF data model. Aredridel (Thursday, 11 September)

nXML editing mode for GNU Emacs - with RDF/XML RelaxNG schema Dave Beckett (Wednesday, 10 September)

OWL mismatch example: Taxonomies VS. the semantic web? Morten Christensen (Wednesday, 10 September)

Announce: TreeHugger 0.1 - XSLT for RDF Damian Steer (Wednesday, 10 September)

Representing temporal data in RDF Bob MacGregor (Tuesday, 9 September)

context, questions, commands, assignments disguised as RDF triples Richard H. McCullough (Tuesday, 9 September)

FU Berlin. Position as research associate Semantic Web / Project KnowledgeNets Robert Tolksdorf (Tuesday, 9 September)

RE: OWL : Taxonomies VS. the semantic web a mismatch? Patrick.Stickler@nokia.com (Tuesday, 9 September)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Redland RDF Application Framework 0.9.14 Dave Beckett (Monday, 8 September)

Guilty? You Decide! Famous Trials (Monday, 8 September)

cfp: JoDI Special Issue on New Applications of Knowledge Organization Systems Dan Brickley (Monday, 8 September)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 1.0.0 Dave Beckett (Monday, 8 September)

OWL : Taxonomies VS. the semantic web ? a mismatch? Morten Christensen (Monday, 8 September)

[CWM] Question about notation, restoring trees out of triples James Michael DuPont (Monday, 8 September)

literals and XMLLiterals Garret Wilson (Saturday, 6 September)

mkr2cyc: #$ist #$defnIff ... Richard H. McCullough (Saturday, 6 September)

identifiers and literal semantics Garret Wilson (Saturday, 6 September)

mkecyc: new "standalone" user interface Richard H. McCullough (Saturday, 6 September)

ANNOUNCEMENT: RDF Templates - Updated Specification and First Implementation Ian Davis (Friday, 5 September)

Why did the chicken cross the road? Richard H. McCullough (Friday, 5 September)

Re: RDF implementation reports Andrew Newman (Thursday, 4 September)

labeling implications James Michael DuPont (Thursday, 4 September)

question about rdf:parseType="Collection" 陳長念 (Thursday, 4 September)

Microtheories: genlMt vs. genls Richard H. McCullough (Thursday, 4 September)

Why does OWL have an XML presentation syntax? Matt Halstead (Thursday, 4 September)

Re: answering airport & chicken questions with MKE + OpenCyc Richard H. McCullough (Thursday, 4 September)

new TAG issue: rdfURIMeaning-39 Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 3 September)

WWW2004 CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 3 September)

Web Services WSI2004-CFP Call for Papers Savitri Bevinakoppa (Wednesday, 3 September)

Qname and Vname Richard H. McCullough (Wednesday, 3 September)

XMLSchema namespace confusion Garret Wilson (Tuesday, 2 September)

Re: W3C mailing list search results in RDF Dan Brickley (Tuesday, 2 September)

[TeamETHOS] Meeting stephcherrygp (Tuesday, 2 September)

Dublin Core in OWL Raphael Volz (Tuesday, 2 September)

Re: RDF/Dublin Core documents available? Charles McCathieNevile (Tuesday, 2 September)

standalone interface to TAP KB and OpenCyc KB Richard H. McCullough (Tuesday, 2 September)

Serious problems with Cyc knowledge structure Richard H. McCullough (Monday, 1 September)

hdo walks the hierarchy Richard H. McCullough (Monday, 1 September)

Using RDF in XML documents Morcom, Harvey (Monday, 1 September)

Re: Possible RDF Validator options change Jeremy Carroll (Monday, 1 September)

Re: RDF validator error Jeremy Carroll (Monday, 1 September)

improved "standalone" interface to TAP KB Richard H. McCullough (Monday, 1 September)

Mobile content Graham Klyne (Sunday, 31 August)

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