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2nd CFP for K-CAP '03: International Conference on Knowledge Capture

[jena-dev] Re: Use cases for Reification in RDF Triple stores

[jena-dev] Re: Use cases for Reification in RDF Triplestores

[RDF] [ANN] W3C RDF Validator update

about rdf, plese help me(wrong

abouteach etc Re: Alertbox: Site map usability (fwd)

abstract class

Alertbox: Site map usability (fwd)

Ann: Fully compliant RDF parser in SWI-Prolog 5.1.6

ANN: Joseki, an RDF server. v1.0

ANNOUNCE: ARP2 - Last Call compliant RDF parsing

Announce: Drive now compliant with last call RDF syntax spec

Announce: RDF API for PHP V0.3 (rdf:nodeID, rdf:datatype)

Announcement: D2R MAP - Database to RDF export tool

Arguing against quads

automatic reification -- was ([jena-dev] Re: Use cases for Reification in RDF Triplestores)

BusySponge Update: Present Hack

Call For Papers: 2003 Int'l Conf. in CS & CE - Las Vegas, June 23-26, 2003

Call for testing

Can a property not have a uriref?

cwm/n3 and naming blank nodes? (calendar rules)

datatyping: local and global

Describing relative paths - but with unknown target

Describing relative paths - but with unknown target - Solution (long)

Diacritic Signs

Domain/Range Woes


Efficient context mechanisms

Elpub2003 - CFP

final RDF book TOC, including software, APIs being covered

Fwd: RDFCore last call WD's

Graphical support for rdf:parseType="Collection"


in line with last call on docs...

integrating TAP and tabula rasa contexts

ISO 3166-1/2 Schema?

Joseki, an RDF server. v1.0

K-CAP 2003: Call for Workshop Proposals

KR & W3C (was KR & Issue/bug tracking terms in RDFS?)

list change for discussion of "RDF query for SQL data"

Middleware2003: Call for Contributions: Tutorials deadline: 15/Jan

Multiple rdf:about in single element?

New to cwm, question re: bNodes


ontology for automobiles

Organizing RDF files

OWL ontology for OWL?


Range of rdf:_1 etc. for given container.

Rating and filtering using RDF

RDF query for SQL data

RDF's Mixed-Mode Identifiers

RDF/XML format for email and other messages

RDFIG chats in ntriples


rdfs:Class and rdfs:Resource

RDQL implementation (was RE: DOUBT)


Resource and Representation Relationship Vocabulary

sitemap.py -- crawl web site, record links, make diagram

SWAD-Europe Report: Mapping Semantic Web Data with RDBMSes

Thesis draft: TO review

Use cases for Reification in RDF Triple stores

W3C RDF Validator question

What does a URL identify: pragmatic approach

XPackage anyone? (RDF newbie question)

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