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[I meant to send this to the list but somehow failed to do so; Gary suggested I forward it to the list anyway, so here it is and sorry for the delay. I'd be particulary interested to hear about the iCab implementation of nav links.]

At 21:16 2003-01-10, Gary Frederick wrote:

> wrote:
>>So Mozilla kinda does this for the currently viewed page, using HTML LINK
>>elements in the HEAD of a document. But it only has the current document's
>>point of view, not access to the rest of the sitemap. Having it (and IE,
>>Opera...) consume RDF sitemap for navigation support would be pretty cool.
>We are starting to add the link elements into some of our documentation. It would be nice if IE and others in addition to Mozilla did something with it.

Opera 7 (now in beta) will have _some_ support for link tag navigation though (for now) it's _very_ limited compared to what Mozilla 1.2.1 (and 1.0RC1) has. Mozilla's support surely could be better but it's a huge step forward, IMO, and  especially like the way title attributes and hreflang attributes are supported. I also found Lynx has a nice implementation (the way that works is independent of any declared vocabulary and it uses title attributes sensibly - very simple but effective).

I've heard iCab (on the Mac) also has some kind of support but I don't know what form it takes.

On the basis of these implementations I've started to experiment with link tag navigation. This little "site" uses it already (including links to longdesc pages where they exist):
(More to follow, including a site that will be available in two versions, Dutch and English with a home page givging access to both.) 

[And if anyone feels tempted to look at it with iCab - please let me know off-list  how that works!]

RDF for navigation? I'd love to add that if only I knew how ... this little "Greetings" site is small and personal enough to allow for some experimentation (without affecting the basic -static- HTML).

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