Re: [jena-dev] Re: Use cases for Reification in RDF Triplestores


Most of your points are probably best addressed by Pat, or others, but there
were two side comments that I wanted to respond to.

> We would be happy to send you the source code for Loom or
> PowerLoom if you
> want to see what an efficient (and very clever) context mechanism looks
> like (the
> cleverness is primarily due to Austin Tate's group in Edinburgh).

Interesting. Do you have any references to papers on this (other than the source
code itself)? I've read some of the papers on the Loom classifier but not seen
any on the context system. 
> But the fact is, if the "shortcut" reification that now exists in Jena
> were modified only slightly, we could get significant performance improvements
> for reasoning with the kinds of examples listed above. 

I'd like to second Brian's suggestion that you work with us tool developers on
this to find a pragmatic solution (perhaps over on jena-dev or jena-devel rather
than rdf-interest). If I understand our earlier discussion then it still seems
plausible to find a solution. Setting aside the wider semantic issues, and
thinking just in implementation terms, then the implementation costs of
switching from a "statement" to a "statings" view of reification might be
mitigated by optimizing the case where an application only wants to have one
"reification" for each statement. 


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