Domain/Range Woes

So, given the new "conjunctive" rule governing domain and range constraints,
I'm running into problems in the production of my very first
(read newbie) RDF schema.  In particular, I find that I have many predicates
which apply equally to seemingly disparate types of classes.

Here are some examples:

-- Predicate "name" could be applied to both "Person" and "ContentProvider"

-- Predicate "directedBy" could be applied to the classes "Movie" and
"TelevisionProgram", but not to "Song", even though all are subclasses of

I do have an appreciation for the fact that the new rule forces you to think
harder about classification of objects, and that in the above
examples there is likely some (obscure) superclass to which the predicates
can be safely applied (eg "ObjectsWithNames" ... "DirectedContent").  But in
the interest of encouraging adoption for this nascent protocol, I want to
keep it very simple.

What are my options (short of copping out and using, for example,
"movieDirectedBy" / "programDirectedBy" or "personName" / "providerName")?

--- Stephen

Received on Thursday, 30 January 2003 17:43:16 UTC