Re: Multiple rdf:about in single element?

Thanks for you answers!

My motivation was to be able to distribute data in a form that also makes
sense to people who are familiar working with XML, but don't know RDF. This
would require being able to group all statements refering to an 'entry'
within a single element, but alas...

  <Entry rdf:ID="E12345">
    <name rdf:ID="_1">...</name>
    <gene rdf:ParseType="Resource">
      <name rdf:ID="_2">...</name>
    <!-- Description about _1 *and* _2? -->

Another issue is that I need to be able to efficiently reconstruct objects
from a stream of RDF statements. By objects, I mean something like this:

  + name : String
  + genes : Gene[]

  + names : String[]

I'm currently working on something built on top of David Megginson's
RDFFilter, but I rely heavily on the fact that statements are reported in a
well defined sequence, perhaps not a good idea. Does anyone have any
experience in this area?

Eric Jain

Received on Tuesday, 21 January 2003 06:17:55 UTC