Announcement: D2R MAP - Database to RDF export tool

Hi all,

we just released the initial version of D2R MAP a database to RDF export

D2R MAP is implemented in Java and is based on the Jena API. It exports data
from a relational database as RDF, N3, N-TRIPLES and Jena models. It is
with RDBMS offering JDBC or ODBC access.

To describe the mapping between a database schema and a RDF schema or OWL
ontology D2R uses a declarative, XML-based mapping language.

The mapping language is flexible and (hopefully) easy to understand. It
+ highly normalized table structures, where instance data is spread over
several tables,
+ references within the model to instances dynamically created in the
mapping process,
+ the use of patterns and value substitution tables for identifier
construction and data
transformation in the mapping process.

The D2R language specification and a usage example is found at

The tool can be downloaded from

We have tested the tool on Windows with a MS Access database and on Linux
with MySQL.

So any feedback about the mapping language and how the tool works with
databases and on different platforms is highly welcomed.


Chris Bizer

Received on Sunday, 19 January 2003 11:48:33 UTC