Re: Efficient context mechanisms


Sorry to be slow to respond - I've been out of action for a couple of days.

> [Discussion on contexts]

> If you ever decide to get serious about contexts, it would probably be
> worth your
> while to assign someone the task of deciphering our context algorithm (or
> Austin's).
> It may be overkill for RDF, but some of the lessons learned probably apply to
> simpler context systems.

I agree. A serious context mechanism is not on our short term priority list but
it's an interesting area to think about in the longer term. The open world
assumption behind the semantic web makes it likely that some applications will
require non-monotonic reasoning, some forms of which would benefit from such an
efficient context mechanism. 

What is the space complexity of the algorithm like? 

[Let's move the Jena-specific discussions off rdf-interest, I'll reply
separately to that part of your message.]


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