Re: SWAD-Europe Report: Mapping Semantic Web Data with RDBMSes


I have read your paper with great interest, especially section 5 about
mapping RDBMS schemas onto RDF. There are two Open Source tools for mapping
data from a RDBMS to RDF:

1. KAON REVERSE is based on the KAON framework and has a graphical user
interface to design mappings. The KOAN team is just working on a new
extended version, which can map relational database content to ontologies
enabling both storage of instance data in such databases and querying the
database through the conceptualisation of the database.

2. D2R MAP (a tool I have developed that) is based on JENA and uses a
declarative XML-based language to describe mappings. It can be used from
command line or in applications working with JENA models.

I have been pleased to see that my tool fulfils nearly all the
"requirements" you formulated in your paper:
5.2. / 5.3 Export of conceptual entities: Supported by the concept of
5.4. Naming of entities: Blank nodes and URIrefs with different construction
schemas (patterns, translationtables) are supported.
5.4 Different entities in the same relation: Can be handled with two
ClassMaps and a ObjectPropertyBridge reference between them.
5.5. Choice of property names: Free name choise is supported.
5.6. Foreign Keys and multiple relations: Multiple arcs are supported with
the groupby attribute. RDF containers are in the language specification but
are not implemented in the tool yet.
5.7. Many-many relationships: Supported.
5.9. rdf:datatypes: Attributes to specify datatypes are part of language
specification but not implemented yet (I'm waiting for Jena  to support


Received on Thursday, 30 January 2003 15:54:47 UTC