RE: Domain/Range Woes

> From: Stephen K. Rhoads [] 
> In particular, I find that I have many predicates
> which apply equally to seemingly disparate types of classes.

Could a user of your schema wish to apply your predicates to some other
classes of which you have not yet thought?  If this is possible, range
and domain constraints would seem inappropriate.

> What are my options (short of copping out and using, for example,
> "movieDirectedBy" / "programDirectedBy" or "personName" / 
> "providerName")?

- Don't use domain/range constraints;

- Use domain/range constraints on inherited superclasses;

- Use a more expressive logic such as OWL that allows disjunction (in
its DL form) or allows you to attach range restrictions to classes
rather than to predicates.

		- Peter

Received on Thursday, 30 January 2003 19:13:55 UTC