Re: Multiple rdf:about in single element?

> So my advice is a question of why using RDF is seen as being helpful to
> application?

There are three main reasons (besides looking good on grant applications):

1) Standard mechanism for serializing graph structures.
2) Extensible without breaking anything.
3) Standard mechanism for linking to other resources.

Currently, I am not very interested in using RDF within my applications
directly (except perhaps for querying), but simply as a distribution format.

Our data is accessed either through a web interface, or downloaded by people
who have to somehow integrate data from many different sources. Latter would
certainly benefit if people stopped inventing their own clever solutions for
structuring and linking data.

I am currently only aware of one other (simpler) database providing their
data in RDF (in the molecular biology field), but I'm sure once WE start...

Eric Jain

Received on Tuesday, 21 January 2003 12:51:05 UTC