ANNOUNCE: ARP2 - Last Call compliant RDF parsing

I am pleased to announce a new major version of ARP, currently in alpha.

It is available at

I am particularly keen to find alpha testers who:
- use ARP without Jena
and one of
- have had to change the sourcecode
- have complex error handling needs
- wish to use ARP on BSD Unix.

for migration information.

This is the first version with a new internal design for ARP.
The only user visible change is new support for RDF datatyping. With this, 
ARP fully supports what is expected in the RDF Syntax Last Call Working Draft.

The design changes:
- make ARP singly threaded
- provide a significant performance improvement over ARP1
- make error handling easier.

This version is *not* compatible with Jena1; but will be compatible with 
Jena2 (still in development).

This is labelled alpha primarily because:
- there have been significant design changes which have not been exposed to 
- further changes may arise from user feedback on this version, or as a 
result of the on-going Jena2 development.

Almost all the code is common with ARP1 and is hence stable.

Future ARP2 versions will ship with Jena2.

Jena1 users should note that there will be a minor update to Jena1 that 
will allow rdf:datatype attributes on literal valued property elements, 
making the ARP in Jena1 nearly conformant with the last call working draft.

Received on Tuesday, 14 January 2003 06:05:38 UTC