RE: ANN: Joseki, an RDF server. v1.0


Currently, Joseki would need the publisher to smush the files first, then
attach the smushed one.  The configuration processing isn't designed to
support what you outline.  It could - I hadn't thought of doing that, that's
the value of feedback - although it might also arise from a mix-up in the
configuration.  Today, it would just get confused.

I have been thinking about groups of attached models, a directory of several
RDF models being one use case for this.  The configuration file would say
something like "attach all the files in the directory", or maybe "all files
matching this file pattern".  Smushing could be done in a like manner -
assigning one external URL to a smushed group of models.  It would certainly
help with data management on the server side.

Thanks for the comment (you got to the config file quickly!).


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> Kewl!  At last a API that gives a URI to a model :)))))
> May I ask what may be some obvious (or stupid) questions:
> Suppose we have a RDF model in the file "stuff.xml" and want it to 
> appear as ||,
> then I have another RDF file "stuff2.xml that I want to *add* to the 
> *same* model.  
> Would
    a   joseki:AttachedModel ;
    joseki:attachedModel        <file:stuff2.xml> ;
    joseki:hasQueryOperation    joseki:BindingRDQL ;
    joseki:hasQueryOperation    joseki:BindingGET ;
    joseki:hasOperation         joseki:BindingQueryModel ;
    joseki:hasOperation         joseki:BindingOptions ;
    joseki:hasOperation         joseki:BindingPing ;
    joseki:isImmutable			"true" ;

do it?  ... or would it replace the original model?   

Does it smusch bNodes ?


Seth Russell

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