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At 08:53 PM 1/10/03 +0000, Phil Archer wrote:
>This is certainly very interesting - you seem to be addressing some of the
>problems a little group I'm coordinating is looking at too, namely how to
>lead a client to an RDF description that can then be applied to everything
>else on the site.  HTTP's stateless nature means that, of course, images
>within a web page wouldn't be covered by a description that is *about* the
>page and so on.  This is a show-stopper as far as using RDF for rating and
>filtering in the area of child-protection is concerned.

P3P has some mechanisms of this ilk [1].

>We're only just getting going but the ideas in my mind are that an rdf:about
>element might be able to include wildcards and regular expressions.

Ouch!  I would anticipate, rather, that a rule language might find a way to 
express axiom schema.

>Another idea I want to explore (which may be unworkable but I want to know
>it's unworkable before I give it up) is that, say, a film classification
>board could lodge an RDF description of its various categories.  Streaming
>media could then point to one of those limited number of classifications
>which in turn would recognise the pointer as valid (through some sort of
>DSig no doubt).  The descriptions would be cached just about everywhere
>before long.  Sounds a bit like CC/PP device profiles doesn't it?

Hmmm... in the IETF conneg work, we came up with a device for identifying 
feature sets using a name based on a hash of the corresponding feature set 
[2] (based on [3]).  This gives potential for self-validating caches of 
feature descriptions.





Graham Klyne

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