Re: RDFIG chats in ntriples

James Michael DuPont wrote:

>Oh, no! Google does not do RDF!
>I will write to them, asking them to index the rdf files...
>google labs.... cool
I guess not.  When new RDF files are published, if we refer to them in 
our blogs, then Googel will pick them up.  The document  could be 
described in the item description,-  one item, one document - and the 
link would be the URI of the document.  We could standardize on one key 
word for these kinds of entires --- say "rdfDocument".  If everybody did 
that it would help discovery and we could find them all with a Google 
search for rdfDocument +<keywords>.  To go beyond Googel and index the 
rdf:Resources inside the the documents, we will need some other 
(hopefully distributed) search mechinism of the actual triples.   
 Anyway , you've  compiled some great data :) ..... I just hope it dont 
get lost in the scuffle.  

... hi Mdupont, remember me ?

Seth Russell

Received on Wednesday, 15 January 2003 12:05:22 UTC