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Thanks, that's great - I'll be looking forward to your announcement on this list (at least that's where I assume it will be announced)!

At 15:30 2003-01-20, Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
>the W3C RDF Validator should soon be updated. I am currently updating it to ARP 2, but I need to run some tests before making it public.
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>Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>>The underlying engine is ARP.
>>parseType="Collection" was supported in the ARP released with Jena 1.6.0,
>>and the latest ARP also supports rdf:datatype.
>>I would suggest downloading the latest ARP from
>>and running it locally while the W3C catches up.

And thanks, Jeremy!

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>>>Does anyone have any idea when the validator will be updated to
>>>support everything in the revised RDF/XML syntax (8 November
>>>2002) as described in
>>>(which is what I'm using)? Or will this need to reach
>>>recommendation status before it will be implemented in the validator?
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