This is not related to RDF but to Web Server configuration. When you are 
making a reguest for itcode-projectteam.rdf, the web server looks for 
that file and serves it to you. But when you make a request for 
itcode-projectteam, the server cannot find that file so you get a 404 
(Not Found).

I like using Apache Cocoon for related reasons...


yokechin_lai wrote:
> I am just a very beginner of using RDF(S).  I have a very fundamental 
> question but has bothered me for days.
> I put a newly developed schema onto my server, and hopefully when I 
> click on the URI of the schema, my browser will show all the codes of 
> the schema I have developed.  But this did not happen.
> The URI of my schema is 
> My browser can only show me the rdfs codes when I click on the above URI 
> but NOT just 
> When I check on some other schemas such as 
>, the rdfs will be shown by 
> the browser when just clicking on the such URI (why the extension of 
> file type .rdf is not necessary here).
> I appreciate all responses that I might can get.  Thank you.
> best regards,
> Yoke-Chin Lai,
> PhD Student,
> Aalborg University

Received on Friday, 31 January 2003 06:36:05 UTC