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> Hi James
> On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, James Michael DuPont wrote:
> >
> > Dear all,
> >
> > as a small experiment to try and get some more rdf, rdfs, daml and
> owl
> > examples,
> > I have extracted and converted the weblogs of the rdfig into
> ntriples
> > using the rdfdump from dajobe from
> >
> >
> perhaps it might be possible to create a downloadable dump of all the
> logs in RDF/XML so people can play with that too. Dave is that
> plausible?

I was going to upload the zip of the rdf that i used to create the
ntriples, but i accidently deleted the zip file, when i deleted the rdf

It is very possible, i just used wget to suck the files out, when i get
back home, i'll post the shell scripts.

But you can also use cwm and rdfdump to convert the ntriples back into

> > The extraction of the uris is here :
> >
> > a list of all the uris from the past two years extracted from the
> rdfig
> > logfiles
> >
> from the chump? interesting.

yes, from the ntriples, 
i just did a grep cut and sort on the ntriples file.

> > a list of all the alias of all the people who were on the rdfig
> > Now, in the rss rdf file you see something like this :;
> > <chump:contributor>
> >    <foaf:Person>
> >     <foaf:nick>
> >      mdupont
> >     </foaf:nick>
> >    </foaf:Person>
> >   </chump:contributor>
> > I wonder if we can get the IP address of the person as well?
> >
> this is from the chump RSS?

> This is very cool. I've been meaning to
> ask
> about this for ages. I wonder if it's also possible to get a dump of
> the entire chump logs?

it looks 

> I have a search of the chump here:
> which you can search for a nick because it searches the title and
> description. Being able to search for a particular nick would be much
> better though. I'll have to reharvest though...
> I take your point about matching the nicks of one person together. My
> search uses a string match, but that's rather slow, and won't pick up
> all matches.

Well the idea would be to create a set of foafs for the rdfig foaf bot,
it would know about contributors who want to me known about, let's say,
if they submit thier foaf to the bot :
that would be a new command : submit my foaf
then the bot would know what aliases have gotten submissions from what
person. It could then, if you dont have a foaf, but are posting a uri,
tell you : "please submit a foaf so that i know who you are".

then after multiple nicks are associated to the bot, it would then be
able to replace the nick with a real foaf uri in the chatlogs, or at
least a md5 digest of the persons foaf so that spammers cannot get at

After that is handled, we should be able to do two things :
get uris based on people and have a trust metric on them.

Also it would be great to setup an ontology for the rdfchat that allows
for a high level classification of uris in the system :

like : this is a rdf instance, this is a daml ontology, this is a
postscript file. Basically like an annotation system for the links.

That would allow for a quicker finding of rdf resources and thier
better processing.

A x-ref of them to the dmoz, would be good.

and maybe some type of link checker : like these are all the files
referenced in the rdfchat, this is thier google cache. The thing is
that google will automatically find out for you what type of file it
is, and also try and decode it. If we make 

Speaking about that, now i can access the logs from work,
via google!

here is a text file :

here is a html file :

Here is the rdf file :

Oh, no! Google does not do RDF!
I will write to them, asking them to index the rdf files...
google labs.... cool

But here is a blog, it looks similar, in fact, the chump says that it
a chump :


James Michael DuPont

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