Re: What does a URL identify: pragmatic approach

Brian McBride wrote:

> Pragmatically speaking, is this a good model to follow?

Supporting such a model may become a real pain as mappings are not 
stable. I think standards like RDF should not get into this. If an 
application needs to be aware of the relationships between URIs as you 
have demonstrated, building such a mechanism (e.g. a set of properties 
in RDF) is easy. The difficult part is controlling the accuracy of those 
  mappings through time and change. Web application/server behavior is 
another factor, as a web server may serve different documents for the 
same URI depending on the client. How can you cover all the 
possibilities in a usefull way?

> And architecturaly, I'm left wondering whether there is a useful 
> generalization built around the fact that many web servers allow GET's 
> on one URL to be mapped to a different URL.

I think we need something bigger to place that upon. RDDL was a good 
start. Something that documents a resource, it's type, whether it's 
retreivable, static or dynamic, possible URI mappings or relationships 
and the conditions under which those mappings are valid etc. Loads and 
loads of work in this one.


Received on Wednesday, 29 January 2003 07:50:17 UTC