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"negative count" and unsigned counts

3.0 Last Call drafts - inconsitencies between Core and LS

[CR-DOM-Level-3-XPath] uses DOMObject, but doesn't normatively reference DOM Level 3 Core

after createElement('input'), get a value

allowedFirstChildElements (was Re: More comments Level 3 Validation/Edit)

C2 (Re: i18n reviews of DOM 3 Core and Load&Save)

certified attribute of DOMInput

Comments for CR-DOM-Level-3-Val-20030730

Comments for DOM 3 Core Last Call

Comments on DOM 3 LS

Comments on DOM Level 3 events

Core issue: setting document.prefix, what happens?

Derived types and the TypeInfo interface


Document.xmlVersion and HTML Documents

DOM 2 HTMLCollection rows sequential order: clarification needed

DOM 3 Core comment

DOM 3 LS DOMError unbound-namespace-in-entity

DOM and java downcast versus query interface

Dom C# binding

DOM L3 Node.compareDocumentPosition

DOM Level 3 Core 20030609 comments

DOM Level 3 Events (and XPath)

DOM Level 3 Validation Tests

DOM LS: DOMParserFilter vs. DOMParser.parseWithContext's action argument

DOM3 Core - Document.xmlVersion

DOM3 Core: DOMImplementationRegistry Behavior

DOM3 Load & Save Last Call Comments


DOMWriter etc spec in DOM Level 3 LS ( June 19 2003 )

DOMWriter etc spec in DOM Level 3 LS ( June 19 2003 ) specification???

Draft Note on DOM Support for XPath 2.0

How to attach "load" events before the body node is there

html dom, attributes that contain URIs

I18N last call comments on DOM 3 Events

i18n reviews of DOM 3 Core and Load&Save

Infoset mapping inconsistencies

isWhitespaceInElementContent method

iterator implemented in DOMConfiguration

L3 Core comments

L3 Core Document comments

L3 Core Document comments (fatal error)

L3 Core Node comments

L3 Core: Attr.isId(), Element.setIdAttribute(), Element.setIdAttributeNS(), setIdAttributeNode()

L3 Core: DOMError.clone()

L3 Core: DOMLocator.offset

L3 Core: TypeInfo seems inadequate

L3 Core: UserDataHandler

Last Call Comments and Issues - Dom3 events

Last Call comments on DOM 3 Core Specification

Last Call for DOM Level 3 Load and Save

Last Call for DOM Level 3 Load and Save - Non-XML Loaders/Parsers?

Last Call Issues for WD-DOM-Level-3-Events

More L3 Core Comments

NameList exception

NameList exception (Re: More L3 Core Comments)

NameList: contains and containsNS

new line handling (DOMBuilder and DOMSerializer)


Null versus ""

Object 'long' in DOM 2 Events

processSubtreeModified method?

Question about Xml Events (Level 2)

Questions about replaceWholeText

received your email

Reviews of DOM 3 Core and Load&Save

Should Node.getChildNodes return Text of Attr?

Support properties on interfaces

What exception to raise?

What is the status of window object and such?

White space or whitespace (was Re: Comments for DOM 3 Core Last Call)

xmlStandalone, xmlEncoding, xmlVersion (was RE: L3 Core Document comments)

XQuery WG Comments on DOM Level 3

yet more DOM Level 3 Events issues

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