Re: L3 Core Document comments

On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 00:44, Curt Arnold wrote:
> "from its parent child list" should be "from its parent's child list" or 
> better "from the child list of its parent"


> getElementsByTagName:  "The special value "*" ... For XML, this is is 
> case-sensitive"
> "this is" should be "the tagname parameter" or the sentences should be 
> rearranged.


> normalizeDocument: "Note that this method does not generate fatal errors"
> Should this be "does not raise exceptions"

No, normalizeDocument does not declare exceptions anyway. This method
generates DOMErrors instead. Since we have 3 categories of errors on
DOMError, we needed to be explicit that receiving a fatal error DOMError
when using normalizeDocument will never happen, unlike the load
operation in LS.

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