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XQuery WG Comments on DOM Level 3

From: Walter Lindsay <wlindsay@contivo.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 11:19:29 -0700
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This email is the XQuery Working Group comments on the most recent version
of the DOM Level 3 Core

And highlights of changes are available at:

This email satisfies XQuery action A-151-10.

We can see three areas where DOM Level 3 and XQuery could possibly

1) an XQuery implementation needs to use a schema file represented in DOM
2) an XQuery implementation needs to process input data represented in DOM
(so needs to convert DOM to the XQuery data model)
3) an XQuery implementation needs to generate output data represented in DOM
(so needs to convert from the XQuery data model to DOM)

A DOM representation of XML data appears functionally equivalent to the
serialized representation.  For example, in all three cases, if the
implementation has access to the DOM Level 3 Load and Save mechanism, then
DOM can be removed from the picture by serializing the DOM (unless the DOM
represents a document fragment that cannot be serialized).  Given that DOM
and the serialized representation appear logically equivalent for our
purposes (e.g. XQuery does not need the internal or external subsets in the
instance document, nor does it need whitespace between elements), we saw no
issues that XQuery needs to address.


Walter Lindsay
on behalf of the XQuery Working Group
Received on Wednesday, 6 August 2003 14:26:40 UTC

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