RE: iterator implemented in DOMConfiguration

> Would an iterator make sense in the DOMConfiguration?  That would
> allow the properties to be discovered dynamically, instead of
> hardwiring strings like "canonical-form" in applications.  Or perhaps
> a getNextProperty()?

+1 for getting a list of property names, instead of a getNextProperty or
Iterator I guess the DOM way would be something like
	DOMStringList getPropertyNames();

In our application the use case is that we have a graphical tool that on
loading/ saving XML files shows all the DOM Load/ Save properties with
checkboxes, everything about that form is dynamic apart from determining
the list of properties. Once you have a property name you can determine
whether it's a boolean property, default value and what is supported

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Received on Tuesday, 12 August 2003 03:25:13 UTC