Re: Comments for DOM 3 Core Last Call

Philippe Le Hegaret wrote:

>On Fri, 2003-08-01 at 04:35, Susan Lesch wrote:
>>White space is two words (see all prose and productions in XML 1.0
>>except one typo in 1998 and the Infoset since WD-xml-infoset-20010202).
>>I don't know why it wound up being one word in [element content
>>whitespace]. Do you?
>> isWhitespaceInElementContent [2] could (should?) be
>>isWhiteSpaceInElementContent and whitespace-in-element-content [3] could be
>>white-space-in-element-content. If Last Call is too late to change those,
>>perhaps at least the prose could match XML and the Infoset to say "white
>>space" (rather than "whitespaces").
>DOM Level 1 used two words (one occurence).
>DOM Level 2 used one and two words (one occurence for each).
>DOM Level 3 is also using both (several occurences for each). I don't
>have a personal opinion on that one. As an additional information,
>googlefight tells us that "white space" wins for the moment. I would
>propose following the Webster in the prose, and the Infoset for methods
>and attributes naming.
JAXP and Xerces's seem to exclusively use "Whitespace" instead of 
"WhiteSpace" (in method definitions) and "whitespace" in prose.

The .NET frameword defines System.Xml.WhitespaceHandling, 
System.Xml.XmlWhitespace and System.Xml.XmlSignificantWhitespace but 
uses "white space" in the prose. 

MSXML defined DOMDocument.preserveWhiteSpace.

Current usage favors "Whitespace" over "WhiteSpace" in property names 
but is split on prose.

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