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DOM Level 3 Events (and XPath)

From: Christian Parpart <cparpart@surakware.net>
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 16:21:15 +0200
To: www-dom@w3.org
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hi all,

1.  Event.preventDefault() vs. preventImmediateDefault()

Where exactly is the difference between Event.preventDefault() 
and Event.preventImmediateDefault()? Sorry, I did not understand 
it - and even why :( some examples would really help, probbably :o)

2. interface CustomEvent

I do not believe that CustomEvent is needed since I even just implemented it 
after have the main stuff working from the events stuff.
AFAIK CustomEvent gives just access to some members for at least the 
EventTarget's dispatching methods. While I do not know whether Java does 
support friend classes to access private members I still propose to remove 
this interface since it is very implementation specific and there is really 
no need for the application writer to have access to these private members of 
the Event interface - or give me some reasonable examples :o)


I do not understand why and when this can happen. the spec says "If the Event 
object is already dispatched in the tree."
While this may happen in the dispatchEvent method I really have no case for 
this to be thown. Could you give me an example what exactly is meant by the 

4. EventFOO.initFOO[NS](...)

Letting all these methods returning the Event that they are (this) would be 
very helpful for the application programmer since it sometimes makes sense to 
combine several functionis together.

There's my C++ use case:


Although while C++ does not have any GC I assume that the 
EventTarget.dispatchEvent() method may take ownerchip of its
passed event object. does this violate the spec to be conform?

5. XPath result sets

Why the hell did you change the return type of all all the query 
methods from XPathResult to DOMObject?
Well, this may be straight forward compatible, but I always need 
to dynamic_casrt here to test whether the result is *really* of 
type XPathResult. This is really everything but performance friendly :(

That's it so far,

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