Comments for DOM 3 Core Last Call


This is a comment for your DOM Level 3 Core Last Call Working Draft [1].
Sorry it is over an hour late.

White space is two words (see all prose and productions in XML 1.0
except one typo in 1998 and the Infoset since WD-xml-infoset-20010202).
I don't know why it wound up being one word in [element content
whitespace]. Do you? isWhitespaceInElementContent [2] could (should?) be
isWhiteSpaceInElementContent and whitespace-in-element-content [3] could be
white-space-in-element-content. If Last Call is too late to change those,
perhaps at least the prose could match XML and the Infoset to say "white
space" (rather than "whitespaces").

Also I happened to see:
s/"Universal Resource Identifiers"/"Uniform Resource Identifiers"/
s/[XML Information set]/[XML Information Set]/

In the lists of defined constants, some dd's end in periods when they
are sentences but some don't. They could all match.

In Appendix E, does "part of the Level 2 DOM specification" mean Level 3 now?

ArborText (contents page) became Arbortext (section 1). I don't know what
year that happened but maybe the Mike Champion affiliation can match.


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