Re: DOM3 Core: DOMImplementationRegistry Behavior

On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 14:10, Glenn A. Adams wrote:
> The implementation of DOMImplementationRegistry shown in Appendix
> G.1 makes use of a Java System Property to record a list of names
> of classes that implement DOMImplementationSource. A user of the
> registry may naturally infer that sources are
> checked in the order specified by this property (and the order by
> which additional sources are added to the registry using the
> addSource() method). However, this may or may not be the case since
> the implementation of DOMImplementationRegistry shown here makes
> use of a Hashtable which does not guarantee any specific enumeration
> order.
> I would suggest doing one of the following:
> 1. abstract the definition of DOMImplementationRegistry in
> Appendix G.1 to specify it in terms of an interface rather than
> a class; furthermore, define its behavior more clearly in
> terms of order of evaluation in the case that two or more
> DOMImplementationSource instances implement the same features;
> 2. rewrite the implementation in G.1 to use an ordered
> container type, such as a List;
> 3. specify that the behavior is undefined as to which
> DOMImplementationSource will be returned when more than one
> supports the same features.

The code has been rewritten to use java.util.Vector and preserve the
registration order.


Received on Friday, 15 August 2003 17:22:44 UTC