L3 Core Document comments

actualEncoding:  Not adequately explained.  Is this the encoding at the 
time of parsing?  Do subsequent saves change the value?  initialEncoding 
might be better.

config: Using an abbreviation is unusual.

documentURI: Should it be possible (or required) for an implementation 
to raise an exception if a new value is set that is not a valid URI.

xmlEncoding: Can an implementation raise an exception if it does not 
recognize the encoding on setting?  How is this affected by saves?   
Does this affect saves (which would be in the L/S spec)?  Maybe it is 
cleaner just to allow the encoding to be specified on the save request.

xmlStandalone: What occurs when this attribute is set to true and the 
document does not satisify the requirements for standalone="yes".

The difference between adoptNode and importNode is not immediately 

"from its parent child list" should be "from its parent's child list" or 
better "from the child list of its parent"

"or null if the operation fails, such as when the source node comes from 
a different implementation".  This seems to be a opening for an 
implementation to always return null.  The expected failure scenarios 
should be enumerated as exceptions.

getElementsByTagName:  "The special value "*" ... For XML, this is is 
"this is" should be "the tagname parameter" or the sentences should be 

normalizeDocument: "Note that this method does not generate fatal errors"

Should this be "does not raise exceptions"

renameNode:  What is the behavior when attempting to change the 
attribute name to the name of an attribute that already exists on the 

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