Last Call comments on DOM 3 Core Specification

Comments on DOM Level 3 Core Specification based on 09 June, 2003 
version of the spec

1. Section 1.2.4: (DOMObject):  
"The DOMUserData type is used to store an application object."
- DOMUserData in the above sentence needs to be changed to DOMObject

2. Section 1.3.1: 
"The DOM Level 3 Load and Save module provides a serialization mechanism
and uses the 'normalize-characters' and
'check-character-normalization' to assure that text is fully-normalized. 

- 'normalize-characters' and 'Áheck-character-normalization' are used in
the spec in the above sentence before defining them. Therefore it is not
clear what is meant by them. Probably, it is required to rephrase this
statement to say that these are configuration features and add a link to
DOMConfiguration section.

3. Interface DOMStringList: 
"The DOMStringList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered
collection of parallel pairs of name and namespace values..."

Isn't this a collection of DOMStrings ? If yes, the spec needs to be
corrected. If not, it is not clear whether name or namespace should be
returned by the method item(in index).

This interface could be moved to Validation spec as it is used only in
Validation spec. 

4. Interface NameList:

This interface too can be moved to Validation spec as it is used only in
Validation spec.

5. Interface DOMImplementationSource:

The two apis getDOMImplementation and getDOMImplementations could cause
confusion. I would prefer if a more distinct name is used. e.g
getDOMImplementationList (Similarly, I would prefer if getFeatures is
changed to getFeatureList)

6. Interface Document:
- xmlStandalone: To be consistent with the other attributes, probably it
should be added that  "This attribute is false when unspecified".

"ELEMENT_NODE: specified attribute nodes of the source element are
adopted and the generated Attr nodes."
- This sentence (in adoptNode) looks incomplete. Probably it should be

7. Interface Text : 

"If the Text node is a direct child of the Document node, ..."
-  Document can have only Element, ProcessingInstruction, Comment,
DocumentType. So a text node can not be a direct child of the Document

"isWhitespaceInElementContent: Returns whether this text contains
whitespace in element content" 
- It is not clear whether the text should be returned when it contains
"any" whitespace or when it has "all" whitespace as its element content. 

8. Interface DOMConfiguration:

"However when the feature 'LS' is defined in [DOM Level 3 Load and Save]
is supported by DOM Implementation, the parameter 'resource-resolver'can
also be used in DOMConfiguration.

- The parameter 'resource-resolver' is removed from DOM Level 3 Load and
Save spec and therefore this sentence needs to be removed.


Received on Wednesday, 30 July 2003 15:57:23 UTC