NameList exception (Re: More L3 Core Comments)

On Thu, 2003-07-17 at 00:25, Curt Arnold wrote:
> Exception clauses of getName() and getNamespaceURI() contain "number of 
> nodes in the list" though the list does not contain nodes.  The expected 
> behavior for negative indexes is not defined.

The index is declared as unsigned.

>   Throwing an exception on 
> out of range indexes is not consistent with DOMStringList and other 
> lists.

Correct. The exceptions have been removed.

>  I can understand the motivation since getNamespaceURI() could 
> be null before the end of the list, however you could distinguish 
> between a null namespace and end of the list since getName would be null 
> at the end of the list.

getName() can return null even before the end of the list, if wildcards
are in use for example. (as indicated in

The application can only rely on NameList.length in order to know the
end of the list.

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